Thursday, March 12, 2020

Sapa Trek #2, The Valley

We continued on, generally downhill, to pass through a couple villages...
Water...water buffalo

Nearly all in a row (there's always one)



Vlad the Impaler haystack...haven't seen one of those in a while

Irrigation via bamboo trunk

Selling tubs off the motor scooter; which was equipped with a PA system

"Traditional clothes for rent"

Mail delivery

Here Vicki stimulated the local economy

Dogs in the villages...all impressively well-behaved

Half traditional, half modern house

Don't look too, a pig has been sacrificed to the ancestors, informing
them of an impending wedding...and more ancestors to join them, eventually

Preparations for the wedding, to occur next day

Cinnamon/cardamon incense sticks, drying

We took the low road

Middle school (partly residential), closed until end of February in view of the
coronavirus threat (as we left, Vietnam had had 16 occurrences, all
recovered); May said her 11-year-old son was beyond boredom and looking
forward to school as never before

People's Assembly Hall...not full capitalism (!) yet, but well on its way

Interesting home/restaurant/water feature

Our lunch that day was at a home-stay; a simple bowl of rice with pork and
chicken and veggies; after the culinary extravaganzas of the past few days, it
was a welcome relief

In the home stay

A French couple was checking in..."where's the ice machine?" I asked

Us, there, at the conclusion of trek #2

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