Thursday, March 12, 2020

Sapa Scenes

After the trek we wanted to see a bit more of Sapa itself...
My most abiding impression of Sapa...the construction everywhere; here, another
giant hotel going up behind the barrier next to the older stately Sun Plaza

Not free range

Four boys on a scooter...

"Amazing Hotel" next to ours; almost any English will sell

Still processing this

German tourist (I was hoping he'd be Dutch) carrying his own group-size hand
sanitizer; a symbol of our times...

City square

Outside Sapa's cathedral

Downtown scenes

Sapa Lake; smack in the middle of the city

Alas, do not change colors

Most of the seafood restaurants featured catfish or some variant

But here are trout!

Beautiful wood carving/sculpture everywhere

Even as we were walking around the lake in the afternoon, dense clouds came
over the mountains

And the city was enveloped in one of the worst white-outs I've ever seen

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