Friday, March 6, 2020

Interim Update From Middle California

We're back in the States, hunkered down in our camper for a while. I can't disclose the location except to say the aroma of garlic growing in the fields nearby is very strong. We cut our southeast Asia trip a few weeks short--only Ho Chi Minh City was left among places we had not already visited--and, despite the outbreak of the virus in the US, we felt that the prospects for health care, should we need it, were better here than in Vietnam...or Laos or Cambodia. Vietnam, FWIW, had 16 cases, stemming from January, all recovered now. Sadly, the lack of tourism is really going to hurt the economies of the region, but that will be true nearly everywhere. In any case, we're here, recovering from jet lag (from Singapore it was a 14 hour flight), with plenty of time to get back to the blog. Now go wash your hands....

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