Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Safer In The Driveway

We got back to Middle California, still on March 4th, made our way to the camper storage facility, got things going in Le Sport, and then drove to Gilroy, south of San Jose (we know the way...) where we would spend the next 12 days in relative isolation, at least not endangering daughter Rebecca and family, and her job. There, despite extreme jet lag, we managed to get most of the camper systems going and also stock up, a bit. Interestingly, there were no shortages in Gilroy when we arrived...that quickly changed. When the Bay Area lock-down appeared imminent, Rebecca called for us to come up to Menlo Park, which we did on March 16th. We have been in her driveway since. And for the foreseeable future. "Foreseeable" has become a very short time-frame, right? Or possibly not. Rebecca and Penelope have been in distance "learning" for more than a week. Everything now is at a distance. I'm reminded of the "action at a distance" articles I read in graduate school.

Anyhow, we will not be traveling in the foreseeable future, except for walks in the immediate neighborhood. And since this is a travel blog, mostly, there will not be many new posts in the immediate future. I will be editing past posts, especially from 2008-2009, when I didn't do many pix, and maybe doing some fictional posts (!) (why not?), but, apart from such, the blog will go quiet for a while. Be safe! Be healthy! Be humane!
In Gilroy, Le Sport among the big rigs

Beginning to make lists

More developed lists


Isolated girl, singing to the garden

Old part that needs to be replaced

Old part that, please, God, will not need to be replaced (we
ordered a spare anyhow)

Finishing the national parks puzzle with Grandma

Face mask brought directly from Vietnam

Safer in the driveway; among our projects is to remove the rippled window

Thus; I added the solsticial lighted wreath with the thought that, with light, there  is hope

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Mike & Deb said...

Your trip was amazing. It is probably good to have some down time to catch up after all of that traveling.