Saturday, March 14, 2020

More Hue Scenes

BTW, it is pronounced "whey," as in what Little Miss Muffet was eating while sitting on her tuffet. Along with her curds. Just FYI.
Along the side street markets...motorscooter shopping...
seriously...they ride by, examining the wares, point, and
the merchant serves it up; and on to the next shop, never
getting off the bike

Our explorations took us along or across the Perfume River on a few occasions;
here is the line-up of boats waiting to take you five miles up the river to see the
Pagoda; and back; we met our pagoda quota in China years ago

The south side of the river was lined with a variety of attractive parks, including
a sculpture park

Spicy shrimp district in the huge, covered Dong Ba market

The market is definitely on everyone's tourist itinerary for Hue; I would caution
that this is no tourist market, as many others we've seen; very close quarters,
many touts and everyone anxious for your business; intense; an hour was plenty
for us

Hardware store

Hue traffic

Sic transit sick motorscooter, on a cyclo 

What the well-dressed motor-cyclista wears in Hue

Perfume River from the main bridge to the Citadel

The DMZ bar and restaurant; Vietnamese owned and operated; we had lunch
here one day, more out of curiosity than anything else

The decor (here, the ceiling) is entirely of the war, but pitched to attract
foreigners, especially Americans, of whom there were not a few

AK-47 and M-16 door handles

The food was tasty even if the decor was not 

Still on the south side of the river, residential construction

In the neighborhood where young people and tourists congregate

Another tree that has probably seen too much; a beautiful
old bouganvillea rising up past the third floor

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