Thursday, March 19, 2020

On To Hoi An

The next stop on our Vietnamese itinerary was Hoi An, further down the coast. We had read that the train ride from Hue to Danang was scenic--the coast--and from there the hotel in Hoi An would send us a cab for the remaining few miles. Unfortunately, the hotel in Hue booked us seats on the wrong side, so we got a good look at rice paddies, mountains, the usual pastoral squalor, and so forth, not the coast; but Vicki did manage a few pix. Danang is of course a major modern metropolitan area which we got to see from the cab and also from the air a couple days later...
Hue train station; closed for renovation
So we boarded here
Aboard car #2; wrong side
For much of the 2 hour ride, we were subjected to Vietnamese  "stand-up"
comedy; not in English too
Coastline; not all that great
We've seen a lot of coastlines
Danang in the distance

The one thing we wanted to see in Danang, the dragon bridge
Driving through Danang
And its miles-long beach
Hotels, condos, everything, all down the beach
Marble Mountains; and what's left of them

Thus; mile upon mile of statuary, formerly mountains
Upon mile
Our hotel in Hoi An
More of the French colonial style Vicki likes
Nice room, nice staff...

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