Monday, August 12, 2019

Rudston Menhir And The Rudston All Saints Church

The Rudston All Saints Church is not in Jenkins' top thousand English churches. But, for the last thousand years, it has graciously hosted the UK's tallest menhir, the Rudston Monolith, which goes back to 2,000 BCE, give or take a few hundred years. Contrary to previous travels in this part of the world, we have not visited much in the way of megaliths: very little remains on this side of England. Hence, we felt the Rudston menhir, tallest in the UK, was a must-see. Granted, the Isles are not known for their menhirs, but this is the tallest one, and we also got to see a little parish church that has taken its custodianship seriously and which has excelled in telling the larger story of the area.
Helpful plan of campus outside the gate

Just to clarify...

The font is said date from the original Norman church, c. 1100

Much of the nave north wall is taken up with informative displays of neolithic,
Roman, and other sites in the area

Thus; the church is smack in the middle of the photo of the display

Press a site's button, and, shazzam! it lights up!

Not impressed

This part of England is thought to have been a major megalithic center, although
now much torn down, defaced, removed...look up "Gypsey Race" or this video

Romans, too

Sic transit, Gloria

And there it is; you see things like this in Brittany, but the menhir is usually
"Christianized" or otherwise defaced; not here, thankfully

Remains of Roman sarcophagus

Trying mightily for a shot that would incorporate Roman, neolithic, and All Saints

Thank you, All Saints Rudston

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