Sunday, August 11, 2019

Patrington's St. Patrick Church, 2

Continuing our visit to St. Patrick's church, Patrington, East Riding of Yorkshire...with special insights...
Helpful model...

Children's area--a fixture in these churches, no matter how famous, historic, etc.

In the crossing, looking into the north transept; originally, the transepts had aisles
and even small chapels

Vicki studying something in the south transept, where a small Lady Chapel remains

Quire and chancel; the reredos is modern, constructed in 1936 to mark the coronation
of King George VI

Sedilia; priestly comfy chairs

Abaft the beam...what is wrong with this picture? Read on...

So here I am at the back of the nave, trying to line things up in the nave and chancel

Thus...only...they don't line up...

Notice that while the nave seems to point to 90 degrees
(for example), the chancel is 2 or 3 degrees off that...on a
somewhat different heading

Seriously, the wooden cross is in the middle of the altar, but
appears here to be seriously off; we have seen two churches
previously that had this sort of directional issue--the Saint-
Corentin Cathedral
in Quimper, Brittany, and the St. John
of the Market
church in Troyes--in both cases there are
reasons for the change of direction, but no one seems to have
noticed at St. Patrick's

Oh well

It's a splendid, wonderful parish church, as good as the critics all say, 5 stars

The octagonal base of the steeple, delicately buttressed

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