Monday, August 5, 2019


Norwich is a medium-sized city, a regional hub, once known for its manufacturing, which is now down to just Colmans mustard. That is to say, however, all the mustard eaten by the English comes from Norwich. (Nevermind Colmans is owned by Unilever). Anyhow, the cathedral, the castle, the market, and many of the halls and churches date from about the same time, that is, the Norman occupation, beginning in 1066, and just after. If nothing else, Norwich is also the flint-stone construction capital of the known universe. We thought we had seen flint-stone in Normandy and in Kent. No comparison with Norwich.
A pub across the street from the entrance to the cathedral grounds...largest
collection of apothecary bottles ever--this is just half the windows, all of which
display the bottles--including many blue ones, Rebecca

First of many flint towers

The castle not visited, Norwich Castle; not flint

Also not flint, the beautiful Royal Arcade, sort of Art Nuvo

Every bit as popular here as in the US

Entering the 900 year old market area--well, there's been a market in this place
for 900 years

Part of costume for my next Medieval fair

Much of the current market is small eateries

We split fish and chips at a nice chippy; I get the fish, she gets the chips

Guild Hall, re-built in the 16th

Ever more flint; Fred and Wilma

More flint: former abbey halls, spared (for a price) by Henry VIII; either St. Andrew
or Blackfriars Hall

Interior of either St. Andrews or Blackfriars Hall (there was an event going on,
so they were technically closed)

Sic transit, Gloria

No end to the flint

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