Monday, August 5, 2019

Norwich Motorhome and Camper Van Show

It really was just motor-homes and camper-vans. Had it included caravans (trailers), it would have been a far larger and more interesting show. The Brits are slowly getting into the motor-home thing, most still preferring to tow their caravans. We have no interest in caravans, but it would have been nice to see more accessories vendors and bespoke manufacturers. Oh well. We spent a pleasant morning at the show, dodging dogs and raindrops, collecting a few ideas, and making a few minor purchases; and moved on.
Lots of, um, interesting ideas

One-person camping car

Blows air over ice cubes; for 249L; ice cubes not included

Thinking ahead to next year in GB, or perhaps in Little England,
we again joined our favorite, the Camping and Caravanning Club

Thinking ahead to decorating our US camper, Le Sport

And what motor-home show would be complete without a
flavored gin shoppe?

I'll spare you all the interior shots of dozens of different
Class B campers

Anyhow, there we were...

At the Motor-home and Camper-Van Norwich, Norfolk...July 19th, 2019

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