Saturday, July 18, 2015


A tale of two cities. I don't need to see Deauville again. Done. But I could live in Trouville. Happily. People live in Trouville. So it appears.
Looking through the basin that separates Deauville and Trouville,
toward the Trouville casino


Up closer

Illuminated by Neptune Himself, with fishing boats astride,
the fish market of Trouville


And thus, one of its dozen shops

I'm the only seafood eater in the family, and our refrigerator is
small, so I limited myself to 1/2 a kg of giant shrimp and 1/2
a dozen of the #2 oysters; I've never gotten much past Pierre
Franey, cooking-wise, so for the next two nights I had the oysters
and crevettes au Pernod (actually, Ricard)

Trouville casino

Flaubert liked Trouville

Too early for boules

The planches

Gotta like this place

The great posterist Savignac lived here


The usual mock-this or that; plus some interesting

Chalet Mozin, 1838; really old for this part of
the world

Stripey shops; dozens of these, but also restaurants, cafes, bars,
tabacs, grocery stores, boulangeries, patisseries, charcuteries
..a real town

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Tawana said...

Three years ago, we stopped at a store in Trouville to buy camera batteries. Batteries on an upper floor, and groceries on lower floors. We bought strawberries that were the best I have eaten. I could live there, too...or hundreds of other French towns!
Loving your photos and commentary!