Sunday, July 26, 2015

The Chateau Of Fontaine-Henry

The Chateau dates from a 12th century fortification, but the present building is mostly 15th-16th, with the usual continual changes, repairs, improvements, etc. It is famous for it exterior sculpture and the huge slate roof, one of the largest in France. It has been in the same line of families for some 800 years, never sold, confiscated, sacked (but was occupied by the Germans). Alas, no fotos were permitted inside the chateau.
First we visited the chapel; only a few hundred feet down the
hill from the parish chapel


More interior

No funny stuff going on here (allusion to TBL)

The Chateau

The very large, steep roof

Looking up at the tower; note carving all over

Inside now--the whole thing is a guided tour (en Francaise)(but
the guide did entertain our questions and answered in English);
on the wall are coats of arms of the 9 families that have held
Fontaine-Henry, including the last, the Oilliamsons (the French
spelling spelling of the Scottish Williamson; acquired during
the grand alliance between France and Scotland (against you
know who)

It was at this point I had to put my camera away

Back outside now, the building's main facade, Adam and Eve
peering out a window

Noah checking the meteo

Over the great entrance: we serve God and the King (in this
case Louis XI)

Intricacies of the tower

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Tawana said...

Well, that definitely looks French. Too bad there are no photos of the interior. Maybe on Google?