Sunday, July 26, 2015

Fontaine-Henry: The Parish Church

From Caen we drove on, seemingly churched-out, to the little village of Fontaine-Henry, between Caen and Bayeux, to see a noted Gothic/Renaissance chateau. The chateau didn't open until 2:30, and so, naturally, I wandered over to the very old-looking parish church nearby...
Consecrated in the 12th century , with an add-on that pretty much

Everything Romanesque here, except the arch that divides the
original building from the add-on

Nicely carved, more in the choir

The add-on; still very Romanesque

The capitals were nicely sculpted, especially for this size church

Then things started getting silly


And thus

But then serious again over the side doors


But then more weird stuff

Ditto; so I am wondering if these are some sort of 12th century
speech balloons...

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Tawana said...

So glad you stopped by one more interesting church.