Thursday, July 30, 2015

Granville And Pointe Du Roc

We camped at Granville's downtown aire--in a beautiful park just down from the main drag--and then next morning drove out to Pointe du Roc, the end of the peninsula on which Granville is set. (There is an aire there, too, very popular). All this July 24-25.
Encampment in Granville

Pond in the park; there was a petting zoo beyond the pond

Oddly, way west on the Cotentin Peninsula, Granville and
Pointe du Roc had one of the largest concentrations of gun
enplacements and casemates and such we have seen; converting
it to a historical exhibit of sorts, which I think is good; in most
places they are simply ignored


And thus; the 105mm (4 inch) guns were no match for naval
artillery; the Germans in this part of France were cut off very
quickly in the Normandy campaign

Lighthouse/semaphore (nautical operations)

Looking out to more Channel Islands

And Cancale and Pointe Grouin across the bay

Pretty place

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Tawana said...

It is amazing to me that there are still so many remnants of German occupation left after all these years. Probably cost a fortune to destroy them all.