Friday, February 7, 2014

Skippers Canyon: The Jet Boat Ride

Were I still in Montana or the inland northwest generally, I would not go near a jet boat. They have ruined too many beautiful rivers there. But, hey, I'm a tourist here, and it's not a great fishery, and the upper Shotover is pretty desolate, and...
The captain reviews the passenger instructions, which basically
say to hang on for dear life

And we are off...

Obligatory action shot (free for booking through the Black
Sheep); there were 3 Koreans, us, a young woman from
Nice, and a young man from Edinburgh; jet boats need only
a few inches of water, and they can attain speeds upwards
of 50 mph; so they said; and I don't doubt

Bonus along the way...the Fords of Bruinen, where the
Black Riders ask Arwen to kindly hand over the Halfling

And she doesn't

Well, you can hardly capture a jet boat ride in still photos, so I have added here a link to my shorter-version YouTube video of our experience. Hang on!

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Tawana said...

The You Tube video was interesting...looks like it was literally hang on to your hat!