Friday, February 28, 2014

Kayaking On The Abel Tasman

For our fifth day we decided to rent a two-person kayak and spend the day mostly on the water. The waters around the Abel Tasman National Park are typically quite calm, and, after the mandatory hour's safety lesson, we were underway.
Our intrepid couples' kayak safety class makes its way across
the tidal flats to its rendezvous with the kayaks

Arrival of the kayaks

Lots of people do the AT this way; many, only this way

Pretty calm sea; calmer than many a lake I have seen; the
rowing was pretty effortless, we were in no hurry, and the
only serious challenge is not getting run over by water taxis
and cruise boats; and not getting so close to shore that the
sand flies will get you

So basically we spent the entire day rowing up the coast from
Marahau to near Anchorage, stopping for lunch at Akerston
Bay, then across the channel to these two islands, Adele and
Fisherman's, then back across the channel to Marahau

Avast! 1st Mate and CFO Vicki guides us toward a rocky

Lunch at Akerston Bay's tiny 3-tent campground

Weirdly eroded rocks and sea caves

Across the channel, off Adele Island, looking at fur seal pups

Ditto; click to enlarge; they're the small black fuzzy things


And thus

And thus

South end of Adele Island

Looking back at Fisherman's Island

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