Friday, February 28, 2014

Abel Tasman, 4

Day four of our 2014 Abel Tasman tramp...
Vicki begins the crossing of Awaroa Bay, a bit of a thrill on
an otherwise gentle trek; note clouds; humidity; 7 in the AM

Others crossing; you're never in a crowd on the AT, but never
quite alone, either

More clouds

Looking toward the sea...more clouds

Of course, the big challenge at Awaroa is crossing the bay
without crunching any shells

But finally, after half an hour, you make it to
the other side

It's a jungle out there

Beach and white-out

In the bush, every big old tree has numerous

A mile or so out of Totaranui, we encountered a group of
11-year-olds from Nelson Intermediate School, on the AT
for a week-long field trip; nice kids and teachers

Another detour! Uphill, too!

At least it's always a great trail

At Totaranui, I call it quits: too much humidity, bugs, detours,
weight, noisy campground neighbors, etc; we call the water taxi
and head back to Marahau; most people stop at Totaranui
anyway, and we'd already done the big leg to Wharwharangi
in 2009

And our rustic little cabin at the Marahau Beach Camp

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