Thursday, February 27, 2014

Motukiekie Beach

Driving north from Hoki, over a hill, we noticed some great-looking sea stacks and such and, looking at our NZ Frenzy guidebook (our constant companion), determined they were just off from Motukiekie Beach, one of the author's many excellent recommendations. At low tide, one can walk out on the beach and get quite near them. So we parked, looked over the tide situation, and waited an hour or so for the water to subside. Then we walked a mile or two along the beach, gawking at it all, from the driftwood and beach pebbles, to the cliffs and waterfalls above, to the pounding surfs, to the sea stacks just beyond reach. One other person was there, initially, a young woman from Vienna, about to start vet school in Edinburgh. Later a fisherman appeared on the rocks. Great New Zealand experience!

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