Friday, February 28, 2014

Abel Tasman, 1

The Abel Tasman tramp is one of New Zealand's half dozen "Great Walks," short treks that bring hundreds of thousands of people here every year. The AT is perhaps the easiest of them, at least in terms of length and elevation gain/loss. All told, it is 4 nights and 5 days one way, typically with a water-taxi return. The manicured track alternates between temperate bush, beautiful clear streams, waterfalls and pools, and then miles of golden beach, islands, and turquoise sea. All this we did in 2009, and still remember it as one of our Great Walks, right up there with Everest and Mont Blanc. So, naturally, in 2014, we wanted to do it again.
Oh; did I mention that the AT is the one with a couple/three
tidal crossings, and that one has to plan one's trip, reservations,
and so on, in accordance with the tides?

Me, at the outset, in Marahau; I am laden with 30 lbs, Vicki
with 20; we decided this time to do the campgrounds and
not the DOC huts, and so carried a bit more than we did in
2009; first big difference from 2009

The scenery, now bush, now beach, always beautiful

Waterfall and pool

The hut at Anchorage Bay; the nice campground was a
hundred meters to the left

View from our campsite; that's a floating backapacka hostel
in the center; you hike during the day, sleep on it during the
night; there's no conveyance nor abode New Zealanders
haven't contrived

Vicki reading her Kindle (what? you don't trek with your Kindle?);
second big difference from 2009: the sand flies were waiting for us

Strange New Zealand blueberries: don't eat, don't touch,
don't even ask...

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