Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Doubtful Sound, 2

More of our cruise on Doubtful Sound. Did I mention that a) it is a fiord, not a sound? (much of New Zealand nomenclature is like that) and b) it got its name from Captain Cook, who pronounced it "doubtful" as an anchorage way back in the 1780s?

Among the skerries, nosing in toward...

A fur seal rest area

Sentinel seal

The Tasman is Pacific in name only...


Night approaches in Snug Cove

Sunrise on the fiord; would this make a great sympathy card
or what?

Hosing down the anchor chain

More morning

Morning clouds, heading into the Moments of Silence...this
is where they cruise into another small arm of the fiord,
right up to shore-line cliff, and then shut down all the
engines and motors and ask everyone to be silent and
not even snap photos so you can experience what the fiord
is really like and it's so quiet you can actually hear the sand-
flies ashore massing for attack...

Last of the South Island Rota blooms

Heading back to the dock

Great experience!


Tawana said...

So, did you spend the night on the boat or were you just on there very early?

Mark said...

Spent the night. Very quiet....