Saturday, February 1, 2014

Rob Roy Glacier, 2014

We did the Rob Roy Glacier tramp on a beautiful day, just as we did five years ago. Somehow, the trail seemed less demanding, but in 2009 we were carrying packs in preparation for our more substantial tramps on the Milford, the Routeburn, and the Kepler "Great Walks." I'd still rate the Rob Roy as one of the great day hikes.
As often happens, it starts with a bridge...

A river of glacial flour crashing down a deep, narrow canyon

Standard, beautifully manicured DOC trail; not a single piece
of litter, nor a single cigaret butt...

A favorite overhang

A favorite sign

Standard 1,000 foot New Zealand waterfall

A bit of Rob Roy Glacier

Detail; with a copter flying over

Subsidiary glaciers coming in at right angles

Even a panoramic view can hardly do it justice


Us at Rob Roy

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Tawana said...

We are loving your awesome the sign!