Monday, November 11, 2013

Vatican Museum Out-Takes, 2013

Wednesday we spent at the Vatican Museum. We arrived and lined up for the 9:00AM opening, posted on the website, only to read a hand-lettered announcement that the great museum would be opening at 9:30AM. And these people want me to believe that snakes can talk?
We had noted further that the painting museum would be
closing at noon, so we headed there first; Vicki refers to
these collections as the "Pina Coladas"; I'll drink to that

Strafing enemy shipping...

"Here I come to save the day..."

St. Hulkus

Hmmm, perhaps a few more years in the cask,
and the increasing tannin will over-power that
toe-jam aftertaste...91 pts.

Torregiani's bust of Sixtus V; Torregiani, you
recall, was the guy who busted Michaelangelo's


Device in the ever-popular Vatican Torture Museum

A size for every taste, every purse; it would
be interesting to know just how many gift
shoppes are in the Vatican Museum; and
how many angels can dance on the head of a

In the Vatican Apostolic Library, Pope
Felonius XVI forgives all his own library

So we had lunch in the Vatican Museum pizzeria; here, the
papal pizza; not bad; actually, I think they could do a whole
lot better job of making it a theme restaurant...the possibilities
are staggering

Papal pilsener; or liturgical lager; the wine was
only 2 euro a  glass; evidently they have hit
on the recipe for making it from water

Cornish pizza

"Sarcophagus of the two brothers"..."shell with busts of the
deceased (the female figure on the left, who was to represent
the bride, took on male features during the portrait execution";
we regard this miracle as convincing evidence that early
Christians permitted gay marriage

"You have such beautiful eyes"

Mr. Pointy; one of several figures from the
Baths of Caracalla

A dog and his boy

Holy Trinity, plus a little white birdie

Part of the Sistine Chapel you're not supposed to see...
its fortifications


Tawana said...

We are studying Genesis in our Bible study class. Wes is convinced that, according to the Old Testament, women have no souls. He has gotten in lots of trouble with the women in our class...I figure it is just Wes and ignore him!

Mark said...

Tell him not to worry...they have no souls. Actually, I looked it up and read a bit. It's an interesting slur religions put on each other...Mormons vs. Catholics, Christian vs. Muslims, et al. Generally without foundation. Interestingly, some have speculated that Christianity won out over Mithra largely because of its openness to women.

Mark said...

Particularly St. Helen...