Monday, November 11, 2013

Santa Maria del Popolo

The church of Santa Maria del Popolo is in the Piazza del Populi, near the portal itself. It is a relatively small church, by Roman standards, but is so studded with great art that it is difficult to notice the church itself.
St. Peter crucifixion, a more characteristic
work by Michaelangelo Merisi, known as
Caravaggio, also known as Mr. Fruity Butt
Pants; St. Paul's conversion, featuring a
horse's butt, is across the small but now
well-lit (when you pay a euro) chapel

Over on the starboard side, the Rovere
chapel features a number of gorgeous
Pinturicchio frescoes


Some were done by a "Helper of Pinturicchio"
who was also pretty darn good

But it's the Chigi chapel (Mr. Chigi was banker
to Popes Julius II and Leo X) that gets most
attention (after Mr. Fruity Butt Pants), with
its two, Daniel

And here, Habukkak (it's a long story)

And dome, designed by Raphael

Up closer: God, signifying that the Chigis have SCORED!

Other items of interest include this bony inlay, designed
to drive away the ghost of Nero, who was said to have
inhabited the precincts; it worked: he is now in the string
section at symphony hall

"Don't tread on me"

And this hole in the thinner-than-you'd-think stone floor... 

Revealing the nicely-tiled floor below; nothing escapes my
practiced eye...

The rest of the church is totally Baroque..."if it ain't Baroque,
don't fix it," we have come to say

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