Friday, November 1, 2013

Ostia Antica, 2

Continuing our day in is a huge place that we'll have to see again to take it all in....
In the House of Psyche and Cupid

Nice marble flooring

Anne Boleyn?

Tank farm; seriously, these are huge amphora, sunk in the
ground, for storing (olive) oil

Remnant of the Jewish temple; Ostia was half a millennium
old when the Diaspora began...

Long John Silver's; a seafood restaurant

Now in the Taverna of Diana (another restarant), in the Insula
of Diana; an Insula was a large apartment building or hotel...
Augustus limited them to 65 feet in height

One of the many warehouses, Horrea Epagathania

Another of the many horrea, warehouses, in Ostia; it took a lot of
grain to feed the million people up-river in Rome

And bread to feed the people of Ostia; here, one of the many

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