Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Santa Maria Maggiore

We proceeded on, tired, museumed-out, but,
hey, this was possibly our last tourist day in
Rome for a while; here we are passing 1/4
of the Four Fountains, still in the Quirinal,
I think

Passing by the Allegory of the Bank of Italy (1921); a lot of
water has passed under that bridge...

We thought we might follow the brothers to

Or even dinner at Diocletian's Baths; but we
were too tired for watered down wine

Walked past symphony hall and Nero...it was a 20,000 step
day, but we were determined

And ended up at Santa Maria Maggiore, another of the
Papal churches Vicki wanted to see, with its 5th century

Thus; darkly

Another great mosaic arch


Silver-covered Crib of Jesus down there, they say

Elevation and mosaics, looking astern

'Atta Girl, Mom

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