Monday, November 11, 2013

More Vatican Museum, 2013

It really is a pretty incredible place. In addition to all the usual favorites, we also took in a few new sections.
Vicki has always liked the Music-making Angels and Cherubs

Something you can't see at St. Peter's...close up, on this copy
of the Pieta, Mary's sash, where, in a fit of pique (no one
could believe a 24-year-old could do this and it was being
attributed to other sculptors), Michaelangelo chiseled his
name ("Michaelangelo Buonarotti of Florence Made This")

Up close of Raphael's Transfiguration,
recently restored

Vicki says it is an excellent Egypt collection

Mosaic floor in the huge Sala Rotunda

Beautiful mosaics and in-lays all over

A detail from the great hall of maps...a ship bringing one of
the many Egyptian obelisks that now adorn Rome and the

In the Raphael Rooms, the Doctors of the Church, which
no one ever looks at because they are facing the School of
 embedded on the lower right, in black, nearly
obscured, but unmistakably...

Savanarola; evidently someone on Team Raphael had reformist

Ceiling, same room, across from Apollo, the Muses, and
Homer and Sappho, Poetry (Rebecca note)

In the Borgia Apartments, which we think we had not seen
before, impressive frescoes by Pinturicchio, a generation
before Team Raphael

Interesting how much difference a generation makes sometimes

Also how much difference the change from Borgia to Medici
Pope can make...

Lastly, before returning to the Sistine Chapel,
we tarried in the contemporary art section;
here, Alice Lok Cahana's powerful No Names;
the road to Auschwitz, some claim, went
through the Vatican

We had visited the Sistine Chapel earlier in the day and had
studied the Botticellis and others that interested us (we are
so over Mr. Twisty's ceiling and Last Judgment), but wanted
to return for a last look; alas, it was 4PM or so and the chapel
was so dark people were bumping into each other, with no
chance of seeing what they had come to see...perhaps saved
or sacrificed to see...a sad ending to an otherwise good day

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