Sunday, November 10, 2013

Basilica of St. Paul Outside The Walls, 2

Continuing our tour of St. Paul Outside the Walls...
The outside south aisle

In the nave now, looking forward to the triumphal arch,
another giant mosaic, an Apocalypse, a gift of Galla Placida,
governor of Italy, daughter of Emperor Theodosius (the
capital had long since moved to Constantinople)(we visited
her tomb in Ravenna, her capital)

The Pantokrator does not look happy

View from the stern

West facade, more mosaic, more columns all around the
beautifully landscaped courtyard

Door incorporating original Byzantine plates

Another door, another rather graphic depiction
of the end of St. Paul; basic take-away here
...if you see an angel waving a palm frond in
your direction, run away!

South transept Raphael

In the cloister, with its incredible inlaid columns all around

In the museum, a wall-sized photograph of Vatican II

Nice selection of spirits in the gift shoppe

Main facade and entrance

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This is the ceilings.