Saturday, November 2, 2013

Miscellaneous Walking In Rome

Thursday, Halloween Eve, was an administrative day mostly, getting the Grey Wanderer's engine oil and filter changed, then heading into Rome on bus and metro to walk around in hopes of finding an ATM, a post office, some bread, a big but inexpensive piece of luggage for our trip back to the States, and some miscellaneous sight-seeing. All goals were met, all expectations exceeded, all pigs fed and ready to fly.
Sprinter oil filter...many readers have asked what they look like

Circo Massimo; interestingly, the owner of the place where
we got the oil changed was named Massimo...

Us at the Bocca della Veritas

In case you ever need any pictorial insight into my personalty
and character...

Inside the adjoining 6th century church of Santa Maria in
Cosmedin; very old; in the 8th century it was given to Rome's
Greek community

Very old

Downstairs was Hadrian's Crypt, which we thought might be
interesting, except it was the crypt built by the 8th century
Pope Hadrian 

Across the street, the Temple of Vesta,
more properly known as the Temple of Hercules
Victor; oldest marble structure to have survived
in Rome

And next to it, the Temple of Fortuna Virilis, more properly
known as the Temple of Portunus, the god of ports; the Tiber
river port was near here

And, just a block away, the Arch of Janus, a later empire
structure placed over a busy crossroads; Janus was the
god of gates and thoroughfares; one of the world's few
4-way arches

After all this miscellaneous sightseeing, time for a snack 

The walk continued; it was to be a 16,000 step day

And, before the markets at Termini and the
metro back to Laurentina, a stop at the Church
of St. Peter in Chains to see the very famous
Moses, one of Michaelangelo's greatest hits


Tawana said...

I know you are anxious to get back home to see precious Penelope. I love her Halloween photos that Rebecca posted.

Mark said...

Yup, counting the days...