Saturday, February 19, 2011

Turkey Night with Tawana and Wes

As the awful weather continued--we didn't get out until Saturday--Vicki gave Tawana a respite from cooking and provided a Turkish dinner we had been planning for some time. It was also a Turkish costume party. (They are about the only people we know who can really get into this...).
Tawana and Vicki going native

Me and Wes (in my traditional baggy pants)

The repast

Ottoman meatballs, rice with raisins and pine nuts, tomato
cucumber salad with pomegranate dressing, flat bread with
yogurt and garlic and cucumber (note the hookah table
decoration), etc.

Me serving the tea

Earlier in the week, Tawana working on...

A baby bonnet and hankie...

Departure Saturday, after five most enjoyable days and
nights with some of our most favorite and welcoming
friends; the drive to Dallas was tolerable, if slow; alas,
Fayetteville was hit by an even worse storm a week later

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