Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Adieu, St. Cloud; and Thanks, Marie and Norm!

On Friday the 28th, we bid adieu and many thanks to our hosts Marie and Norm, and to Bob and Beth, who also were visiting. Our weeks with Marie and Norm were pleasant and productive, as always, permitting us some R&R as well as opportunities to re-equip, repair, reorganize, etc. The weather was wonderful. The high point, for me anyway, was the Saturday Vicki, Marie, and I went to the annual Tampa RV show, to reconnoiter our next rig (for full-timing in North America after 2011). We saw quite a number of interesting RVs and RV products, but nothing that really appealed. At least we have another whole year to ponder and look.
At the Tampa RV show

Interesting, yes, but I don't think it meets our
fuel efficiency, off-pavement, and boondocking requirements

"Scotland the Brave" Florida-style

Other divertissements

We're not quite ready for the survivalist rig; nor for the
"mindset" underlying it ("ignorance-set"?)

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