Saturday, February 26, 2011

Olympia II

Along the row of Zanes, leading to the
Stadium, once statues of various cheaters
whose fines helped support the Games

Like every other religious site, Olympia was built on
top of someone else's site; here a neolithic site more recently
unearthed and explored

Remains of the Altar of Hera, where the Olympic Torch is lit
every two years (summer/winter)

Temple of Hera

Vicki at Hera's; note profusion of wild flowers; spring in this
part of the world

Olympic athletes were marinated in olive oil for both
training and competition; and used these tubs to clean off

Another view of the gym and wild flowers

Site of Pheidias' workshop; a Christian church in the 6th

Bases of the colonnaded Leonideion, a large hotel for
officials, VIPs

Parting view of the Stadium, from the slopes of Kronos Hill

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