Monday, February 28, 2011


Paestum is one of Italy's greatest archaeological sites, but not for anything Roman nor Italian. In the 6th century BC the Greeks established a colony here, Poseidonia, one of scores they established after the end of the Bronze Age, all over the Mediterannean and Black Seas. What is notable at Paestum are three 6th and 5th century Doric temples, largely intact, older and better preserved than anything you will see in Greece.
Temple of Apollo, 5th century BCE

Remains of theatre, much buried beneath a 19th century road

The Ekklesiasterion--a meeting place for citizens--established
by the Lucanians, indigenous folk who took over from the

Temple of Athena, on an artificial mound, to be above the


More of the civic area, looking north to the mountains

Main street

Us at the Temple of Apollo

Temple of Apollo

Temple of Hera...really old...550BC

A forest of ancient Doric columns

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