Friday, February 25, 2011


Next we toured Mycenae, the great hill-top capital of the Mycenaen world. More defensive architecture, monumental stone work, but a written language (linear B), and all the gods, heroes, and other figures of early western civilization...
Mycenae, set on a hill-top in the mountains, but just a few
miles from the sea

The Lions' Gate


Alas, we walked around mostly in squalls, but there was a 
nice rainbow in the distance 

Grave Circle A; when Schliemann dug his first hole at
Mycenae, he hit here, a grave complex that yielded about
30 pounds of gold, including what Schliemann fancifully
dubbed "Agamemnon's death mask"; he was about three
centuries off, however

Descending, boldly, the ninety steps down
to the cistern

Half-way down, rusted-out braces...not very

The bottom

Another massive gate

Palace area near the top

Entrance to Clytemnestra's Tholos (very similar to Treaury
of Atreus in structure and dimensions)

A last look at the great complex

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