Friday, February 28, 2014

Kiwi RVs At The Gypsy Fair

New Zealanders pride themselves on their inventiveness and resourcefulness. It is the land of making-do. Hillary was on the Everest expedition in part because of this reputation. We had seen a few of the many DIY RVs in our travels, but here, at the Richmond Gypsy Fair, quite a number were on display, and we had to stop. All these "gypsies" were fair-skinned northern European types, so we surmise the appellation has more to do with life-style than ethnicity. Quite a lot in New Zealand has to do with life-style.

My personal favorite

Gypsy craftsman; foot-powered saw

PS--not two hours later we are driving out in the Takaka
Valley and see yet another one...built on a fire engine...and
for sale, asking $50,000

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Tawana said...

Those are hilarious! Wes and I saw a "real" Gypsy camp in France. We drove quickly and did not open the windows even. Sort of scary experience.