Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Still Not Our Favorite Museum

We visited the Scottish National Museum in 2009 and were unimpressed. We thought we'd give it another go in 2019, but came away with pretty much the same impressions...disorganized, no apparent narrative to follow, even in small bits. Many interesting items, but little coherence. I took rather more pix, however, so that is hopeful. Maybe it will grow on us.
Scotland's first Mini, among the first anywhere; love the color

Assorted carvings from the paleolithic, neolithic, pictish, medieval, whatever

Mixed old stuff

Distant relations in the neolithic (the axe is from the southern

Definitely medieval; the signage said it is a woman giving
birth; we thought it more of a Sheila-na-gig

A clarsach, a medieval Highland harp, only a few in
existence; the display case is 1904 Art Nouveau
Very famous Lewis chess men. medieval; the rest of the set is where the rest of
every set is...the British Museum

The McCoys (Mackays) are up top; marginalized, as it were

Another clarsach

Scottish myths and realities

Specimens of favorite Charles Rennie Mackintosh

Putatively close relative

Much of the industrial revolution was in Scotland

Old Glenfiddich still, another sort of steam power

The 6th floor terrace affords some fine views of Edinburgh

Somewhat cluttered view in the direction of Arthur's Seat

Dorsal Dolly

First cloned animal, so to speak

In the natural history section...maybe next time

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