Wednesday, September 4, 2019

Edinburgh Scenes, 2

More not exactly random scenes from our time in Edinburgh...
Not your classic, greasy fish and chips joint, but certainly the best I had on this
campaign in the UK of GB

The Royal Mile can approach gridlock in August with street acts going on every
hundred meters or so

One wonders what David Hume would have made of the melee?

More proper view of a favorite philosopher; one wonders
what he would have made of being dressed up as a classical

We had a couple lousy meals, but some great ones too; if you're in Edinburgh and
feeling homesick for Parisian fare, visit Chez Jules in New Town; bistro fare as
good as it gets outside of France, and very affordable too; also very popular


The Scotch Whiskey Experience: skip the experience and head for the retail store,
where you'll find the best selection and prices for single malts in town

Another Royal Mile scene (royal because it runs between the
two royal castles, Edinburgh and Holyrood)

The Tartan Weaving Mill, best selection/prices if you want
to dress Scottish; evidently many Asians do...

Very weird pop-up on a church building...

Another Royal Mile scene

Pipers generally out in force, adding to the mix; some very
good, some just getting paid to practice....

Cathedral not visited

I discovered Cadenhead's way back in 1989 and have always made the pilgrimage
to the store on Canongate; if you want to know what scotch really tastes like,
straight from the cask, not blended, not watered-down, not colorized, etc., visit
Cadenhead's, Scotland original bottler; I treated myself to a small bottle of the
1842 line Islay; at 59.7% ABV you really have to cut it; but the best Islay ever

Huge old building near the train station

"Mr. Stanley, I presume?"

New Town shopping

Visits Scotland once and gets a landmark monument...

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