Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Edinburgh Lebowski's

On an earlier Scottish trip, daughter Rachel and her husband Will had discovered Lebowskis in Glasgow, and a little research showed a second such now open in the west end in Edinburgh. Of course it was high on my list of must-sees. As clever as a theme-restaurant can be, and this one is clever, one should never have very high hopes for the actual food and drink...

We were there at noon on Sunday; and told we could order
only from the brunch menu, the choices from which were not
very impressive; the food even less 

Regular menu

Drink menu: much cuteness, if mostly on the vodka/Kahlua
theme; they missed a real opportunity with The Stranger;
but then maybe you can't get Sioux City Sarsaparilla in

Much Lebowski decor

My drink, The Dude, made with cream, supposedly, and supposedly without
the chocolate powder and beans (very un-Dude)...when I complained, the waiter
insisted, in his best attempted English, this is how they make it, despite what the
menu said; OK, I said, I'll see you on TripAdvisor

Continuous showing of the wonders what sorts of rights are paid...

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