Wednesday, September 4, 2019

Fringe Scenes, 1

I couldn't hope to write anything definitive about the Fringe. A previous post conveys something of its scale, and the Fringe's own media release at the close of the 2019 edition sums up both the numbers and qualities. Obviously, we couldn't take pix inside the many musical, dramatic, and other events we attended. So I'll just post some of the outside shots and some of the posters, in part to comment on shows we saw and in part to further convey the scale of the thing.
A street performance, here at The Mound, outside the nation gallery of art

Just about every venue in the central city is involved in the effort

One is apt to see pretty much anything

Parody is big, as is satire

One venue was the Johnny Walker House; alas, no free samples

Ticket office at just one of the venues

Many shows of interest were sold out before we could get

HP is still fair game in the parody business

Note show posters outside Frankenstein's

One of the very best we saw was this one-woman show,
Clementine Churchill's reminiscences of her long marriage to

In the Fringe office, a wall of past-edition covers of the Fringe guide...this
year 450 pages; stacks of them at lower right

Jazzed-up piping

Typical venue...and line to get in...churches very much providing venue space

Aforementioned...all kinds of peripheral events

Even major cultural institutions getting into the act(s)

Another of the shows we very much liked was The Crown Dual, a parody of
The Crown (first season), featuring this superbly talented duo

My Land was a Ukrainean modern dance/juggling/contortionist show Vicki much

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