Thursday, September 5, 2019

Edinburgh Castle Scenes

And so it came to pass that one day we visited Edinburgh Castle, not for the first time, but because we could (English Heritage memberships) and it was there (on the way to something) and there are fine views of parts of the environs and it is a fine opportunity to mingle with the masses of non-European tourists who are wondering what day it is and what the Festival and Fringe are all about. They have already stopped at the Scotch Whiskey Experience and the Tartan Weaving Mill and thus their memories of Edinburgh will be of smoky, gray, tartan hangovers.
Castle (left); somebody else's photo although I have one just like it taken from
the Elephant House in 2009

Approaching from the west end of New Town; the bleachers and field are
backed up by the castle, on the right, out of view; the temporary stadium is
set up every August for the Tattoo (next post)

There's really not much to see unless you're deeply into Scottish history, or really
serious dioramas, or the Scone of Destiny and other family jewels

Thus; see my 2009 post from Scone for further important
background information 
Still aimed more or less at the National Gallery

Busy skyline

Possibly in the direction of Arthur's Seat, which I climbed in 2009

Looking down into New Town

In the distance, the spires of the new Firth of Forth bridge; the old (famous)
railroad bridge you can see just a bit of on the right

We think our flat is in the lower part of the center, left of the church tower; down
there somewhere, anyway

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