Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Siracusa's Archaeological Park

Siracusa has an interesting lay-out. The original colony was the island of Ortigia. A couple miles inland is another part of the ancient city, now the archaeological park, which houses the quarries, the amphitheater, the Greek theater, and more. The Park is about 700 meters beyond the the Orsi Museum.

Temple and altar remains

Another Greek theatre; is anyone keeping count?

Yes, but, you see, this one is different; whereas all the others
were built-up, this one was dug-out of the huge limestone
shelf that makes up the area

Waterfall in a little grotto near the theatre

The Ear of Dionysius, so named by Caravaggio (it's a long
story), a huge artificial grotto in the quarries

In the Ear, Vicki poses for scale

Roman amphitheatre

Alas, the photo can do little justice, but, 30 or
40 feet below rises one of the largest and
most interesting banyan trees I have seen

Eureka! Well, close, maybe; according to the map, the tomb
of Archimedes was supposed to be around here somewhere,
but we never found it, exactly; he was a Siracusan

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