Tuesday, March 8, 2011


The island Ortigia was the original site of the Greek colony; now it is a beautifully-preserved little Medieval/Baroque city, part residential, part up-scale shops and restaurants. From the archaeological park we decided to walk to Ortigia--alas, it ended up being an 11 mile day of walking all-told--but it was rewarding enough. Bus tickets were sold out by evening, but the nice bus driver gave us a lift back to the campground anyway.

You have to love a place where a whole
pizza is just 75 cents, even frozen

Pinocchio store (Stromboli is not far away)

One of the bridges connecting Ortigia

More kids in costumes

Remains of Temple of Apollo

Street scene

Ablution area of synagogue; Jews were exiled in 1492

Balcony scene

Looking southwest over the bay

32 flavors--Hercules would have been proud

Peeking into someone's garage

Another alley

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