Saturday, March 26, 2011

Isle of Capri and Blue Grotto

We have always wanted to see the Isle of Capri, so Thursday, the 17th, we took the Circumvesuviana to Sorrento, found our way to the marina, and just made it onto the 10AM ferry. We had hoped for calmer waters and tides just right for seeing the interior of the Blue Grotto, but the swell between Sorrento and Capri was ominous. We landed at the grand marina beneath Capri Town and learned that not only were the boats not doing the Blue Grotto, they were not even doing the cruise around the island. (The sea didn't look that bad to me; it was a national holiday, however, Italy's 150th anniversary of unification; everything else was open and going strong....oh well.) Undaunted, we took the bus up to Capri Town and then around the island to Anacapri, then transferring to the bus that goes down to the Blue Grotto. While the bus rides on Capri are much shorter than the Amalfi coast, they are not a bit less thrilling, exposed, and scenic.
One of the deep gorges running through

Sorrento's tourist marina

Our ship, the Good Ferry Isle di Pescida, or somesuch, in
Capri's Grand Marina; note the danger I incurred to take
this picture

OK, so after two harrowing bus rides, with some canoli and
cafe expresso in between, we arrive at the Blue Grotto stop
on the bus line; to see the entrance to the Grotto, you walk
down these stairs, a hundred feet or so, and peer around the

And there it is, the entrance to the Blue Grotto

On calm days I doubt that anyone pays the slightest
attention to such injunctions; but we did

OK, it's blue

Bigger Picture

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