Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Palermo's Norman Palace

One of Palermo's other major sights is its Norman Palace, dating from the 11th or 12th centuries...

Palaces are almost always ramshackle affairs, but this one
deserves an award...

There are seven or eight different buildings/styles, just on
this western facade

In the interior large courtyard...just the beginning of the
mosaics (next post)

Cats love containers, episode #463,867

One of the main reasons to see the Norman Palace,
especially if you're a Sicilian, is that it houses the highest
levels of Sicilian government; this, I think, is in the cabinet
meeting room, a depiction of Sicily's ancient and current
symbol, the triskelion

As seen on the Sicilian flag; "and now for something
completely different..."

In the Chinese Room, an 18th century
depiction  of a Chinois personne, with very
interesting head-gear, possibly demonstrating
use of a small satellite dish

And, in other state rooms, much original furniture, decor,
more incredible mosaic...and this is only the beginning

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