Thursday, March 10, 2011

Valley of Temples, Agrigento

The Greek diaspora/colonization continued on around the south of Sicily to Akragas (a bay of crabs; founded, according to legend, by Daedalus) and there the great Valley of Temples, another Greek city rivalling Athens. "Valley" is a misnomer, since it's all on a low ridge beneath the modern city.

We parked for the night in the parking lot of the Valley of
Temples, in the the olive and almond groves beneath the
Temple of Juno

Next morning, the hill-side town of Agrigento

The Valley is adorned--tastefully, we thought--in more-than-
life-size sculpture of classical subjects

The Temple of Juno; all these temples are 5th or 6th century

In the grove, new almond buds

Still hanging in there, last year's almond

More of the sculpture--"Ikarea"--with wings;
"Ikaro" did not have wings...

Temple of Concord

Temple of Concord; if you want to see the glory that was
Greece, as the archaeologists told us, go to Turkey; or to
Sicily, we say

Temple of Heracles, oldest of the lot, late 6th century

Vicki by a base, for scale

Looking back at the Temple of Concord

And the Temple of Juno...all of it an incredible place...yet
another UNESCO World Heritage Site

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