Friday, March 4, 2011

Straits of Messina and On To Sicily

The Straits of Messina divide the mainland and Sicily. It looks like 2-3 miles wide, and we rolled-on and rolled-off the ferry so quickly, half an hour, I barely got the ship's name.
I think it was Themestieri, or possibly The Mestieri

Part of the procession of ferries across the Straits; a bridge
has been under discussion for years; but I gather both the
Italians and the Sicilians are quite comfortable with this
much separation

For those really in a hurry, a hydrofoil plies the waters

The voyage is so short they let you remain with your vehicle

So we rolled off in Messina, found the toll-way, and headed
south along the coast for our first stop, Giardini and the Bay
of Naxos, and Taormina; and the Lagani "campground," an
attractive parking area for motorhomes--no trailers, tents,
nothing not fully self-contained--the usual amenities, but
only 8 euros a night; mostly Italians and Germans, a
Nederlander, an Austrian, us, and a Finn, who is apparently
driving a big toy-hauler with a Smart Car inside...interesting

Our current encampment

Bay of Naxos, Giardini in the distance, Taormina is its aerie

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