Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Norman Palace Chapel

For mere tourists, the main reason to visit the Norman Palace is its 12th century chapel, every square millimeter of which is adorned in incredible mosaic. The style and stories are quite similar to the somewhat younger Monreale, but, since it's a royal chapel and not an abbey church, thus smaller, the mosaics are much closer. And they are better lit and were cleaned relatively recently.

Thus; altar, dome...

Pantokrator pose again; turns out, upon
further "research," that this term is best
associated with the Almighty him/herself,
and not with JHC; the authority for this
is the the good old Book of Revelation,
wherein God and Christ are generally used
interchangeably, but Pantokrator used
strictly with God; just another useful item
of information, from the all-knowing and
self-correcting Wikipedia

Panning around the incredible walls

Familiar Old Testament scenes


Ditto again

Plus some more New Testament scenes, here, the Baptism of
St. Paul

The meeting of Saints Paul and Peter

And, the show-stealer for me, Peter and Paul disputing with
Simon Magi, before Nero; if you want to catch a bit of the
flavor of early Church "history,"  look up Simon Magi; BONUS
QUESTION: what is the important (if somewhat obscure)
connection between this scene and City Slickers?

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