Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Naples Archaeological Museum: Pompei Mosaics And Other Items

The Naples Archaeological Museum's Pompei collections are divided into several sections: mosaics, the "secret chamber" (porno stuff, at least in the eyes of the 18th and 19th century princes, dukes, kings, cardinals, et al.), the Villa of the Papyri, and the frescoes. The frescoes, we thought, are by far the best, porn notwithstanding, and so I will leave them for the next post.
First century Roman mosaic: Durer would
have been proud...

Vicki is buying me one of those double-flutes for Xmas

The Faun, the real one, from the House of the

The real Alexander mosaic, from the House of the Faun;
Darius' troops already are beginning to flee...

One of many portraits in mosaic

Captain's Plate; micro mosaic: sometimes you have
to stand right next to these things to see that they
are mosaics and not oil paintings

The secret chamber has a number of fairly explicit sculptures,
mosaics, frescoes, and other things, porn, at least by 19th
century standards; we thought the phallic wind-chimes were
the only thing of great interest; classical attitudes about sex
were a bit different from today's; in Roman times and places
the phallus was a symbol of good luck and prosperity,
seen everywhere; alas, none were for sale in the trinket
shoppes outside the museum

Glass from the huge "everyday objects" collection from
Pompei; there were also plumbing and illumination and
kitchen displays, among many others, almost like Home

In the Villa of the Papyrus section; so-named
because some 1,000 carbonized papyrii were
found there; many have been unrolled and
translated, but, alas, rather than a general
library of the classical world, they are merely
the works of obscure Epicurean philosophers

Bronze athletes from the Villa of Papyri

One of the athletes; bronze Roman copies of
Greek originals

Face of one of several bronze dancers

Me, in bronze; I swear I was only drinking tonic water

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