Friday, March 11, 2011

Carnevale in Sciacca

We spent the whole evening walking the main street, viewing all the incredible floats, singing and dancing groups, singing and dancing in the streets, street food all over and other vendors. The floats were the largest and most intricate I have ever seen, generally 4-5 stories tall, and laden with religious/moralistic symbolism beyond us. One other thing was striking, and that was that it was a family event, small kids all over the place, all in costume, just as throughout the days before. (We were beginning to conclude that Sicilian little boys just dressed like Batman or a pirate or cowboy all the time...). We dined at a pizzaria, watching all the excitement process by, then dove back into it. By ten or so we were tired enough to hike back down the hill to the camper stop. But we were back up at 2:30AM to watch the concluding fireworks. These people really know how to party. Check it out at

Wardrobe malfunction


2:30 in the AM, seriously, and only then did the din subside

Sciacca the next morning; probably everyone slept in...

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