Saturday, March 26, 2011

Capri Out-takes

Capri's grand marina from the road above

That is, from the road hewn into the cliff

In Capri Town, a helpful map of the place, all 4 square miles

The up-town roads are so narrow the only
vehicles practicable are these little carts

An ambulance, seriously; we later saw what
has to be the world's tiniest fire engine, but
I couldn't get the camera out quickly enough

Environmentally-senstive Madonna halo on
motion detector

Part of the on-going case demonstrating that poor taste
knows no boundaries; Vicki opined, however, that there
was a Disney Store in Capri Town, and that this might be
the owner's residence; still...

Multi-domed Capri cathedral we skipped

International optometry shop; also had
Mandarin on another wall, and Roman letters

Meanwhile, our ship has come in, and it's time to get back
to Sorrento

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