Friday, November 27, 2020

Thanksgiving In The Big Thicket

We've had some memorable Thanksgivings, traveling, and this one, in the so-called Big Thicket of east Texas--the Thick Bigot, we used to say in Dallas--will likely rank among them. We're holed up at the Escapees Rainbow's End "campground" near Livingston ("I presume"). It's a normal campground, a large one, plus many more acres of more permanent RV emplacements, ranging from houses with RV garages to more modest covered parking pads with utilities and storage. We have been Escapees members for a decade or so, but this, and our stay last week at the Rainbow Plantation in Alabama, are our first experiences with their properties, which are located in a number of states. The organization provides a variety of services for RVers, including even a Care Center here for invalids, persons recovering from operations, persons with disabilities, etc. Anyhow, we spent Thanksgiving at Rainbow's End for 2020, Vicki fixing a traditional dinner, and then Zooming with Rachel and Will and Rebecca and Penelope. Wet and stormy weather will keep us here through Saturday.

One of the several reception/lounge/laundry/etc. buildings

Welcome to Texas (I have a sort of Thelma
and Louise thing about Texas)

Our encampment

Wednesday, for amusement and to get some steps, we walked down
the highway (nothing else in sight) to Rudy's Honey, a honey farm,
bottler, and wholesale/retailer of some size; and bought some of
their great honey

"Raw honey" the salesperson explained: no treatment except for
filtering to remove wings, legs, antennae, etc.

Our Thanksgiving repast, 2020

Reflecting on some of our more interesting Thanksgivings in the past has led me to compile, for your viewing pleasure, a selection of Thanksgiving blog posts 2008-2019 (with a couple lapses):

2008    Koh Samui, Thailand  

2009    Mt. St. Michel, France  

2010    Gallipoli, Turkey   

2011    Menlo Park, California     

2012    Menlo Park, California; no blog post and no pix I can find! Help!

2013    Menlo Park, California  

2014    Near Santa Cruz, California  

2015    Laughlin, Nevada 

2016    Washington, DC  

2017    Washington, DC; again, no blog post, but one surviving photo; my diary notes: "November 23, 2017 All day food, T-Day. Skyped with Rebecca and Penelope. Watched almost a whole season of Great British Bake-Off with Rachel and Will. Pork roast, asparagus, yams, pumpkin cheese cake, green slime, a most satisfactory T-day dinner."

2018    Washington, DC    

2019    Washington, DC    

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Rebecca said...

Will have to look for 2012 pix! Penelope and I enjoyed reading all of the Menlo Park entries from years past (and looking at the photos of me, she adds). :)